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The Suite Life delivers extraordinary amenities and benefits to our members

Suite life amenities with Peter Bondra


Creative Cuisine

Thanks to award-winning Chefs, you can create customizable menus that will meet the culinary needs of all your guests.


Access On-the-Go

Our innovative digital ticketing platform allows you to distribute tickets, enter the Arena and scan into your Suite, all from your phone.

Location, Location, Location

 Click below to check out your Suite's view using our Virtual Venue Technology 


Helo Headshot
Helo Mustafa

Co-Founder and COO 

M2 Strategy

This is undeniably one of the best investments and ROI for our firm to host events for our employees and clients. It's an excellent, upscale venue with a professional staff that go out of their way to create a great experience. We consistently receive notes of appreciation after the events and would highly recommend to any business.

Kevin headshot
Kevin C. Virostek
Greater Washington Managing Partner
Ernst & Young, LLP

We can always count on an exceptional experience in our Capital One Arena suite. The service is superb and the atmosphere makes every gathering feel exciting and memorable. An evening in the suite is more than just a chance to attend an event — it’s an opportunity to create an extraordinary connection with our clients and guests.

Nora Headshot
Nora Baumeister Matus

Director of Congressional & Political Affairs 

American Society of Anesthesiologists

Over the years, we have truly enjoyed many memorable Suite experiences at Capital One Arena. It’s the perfect venue to host friends and colleagues by providing access to sports and a wide variety of entertainment. The state-of-the-art suites, along with the world class customer service from the friendly Suites team all make it a worthwhile investment. 

O'Brien Headshot
Sheilah O'Brien

Managing Principal

Knowesis, Inc. 

Being a Capital One Arena and Monumental Sports and Entertainment ESPP package holder allows us to show our employees how much they are appreciated.  Employees are critical to our success, and having an experiential way of acknowledging their value to Knowesis is rewarding. 


We highly recommend the benefits of a suite experience, especially for employee engagement and morale. 

Ozzy Headshot
Ozzy Jimenez 

Chief Executive Officer 

Driven, Inc. 

Appreciation is key to building successful relationships!  For close to a decade as a Capital One suite owner, we have had the ability to exercise our appreciation towards our clients and employees, by sharing memorable and unparalleled sports and entertainment.  


Our suite ownership experience is second to none.  Capital One Arena and Monumental Sports and Entertainment have given us access to sports, concerts, speakers and a wide variety of entertainment.  It affords us the opportunity to connect with our employees and network with our clients.  The team at the arena enhances the experience because of their attention to detail.  They are always willing to go the extra mile to make it a world class experience.   

We find our partnership with Capital One Arena and Monumental Sports and Entertainment a winning formula for our employees and clients. 

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